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We have locally available inventory for you to compare and make your final selection. Knoxville Wholesale Granite has years of experience to assist with all of the questions and offer trade-off guidance. For example, we also know that just because a stone slab is called Absolute Black Granite  it will vary SLIGHTLY in pattern, base color darkness and contrast from lot to lot and slab to slab. Once you contact us and provide us with guidance on the styles and colors you prefer we can put you in front of your stone to help you with your final selection. There is no obligation for this service. We hope that after working with us on your search we build enough trust to EARN YOU BUSINESS!  

The Absolute Black Granite examples below give you a small appreciation for this variability.

absolute_black_granite_sample 2.jpg
absolute_black_granite_sample 4.jpg
absolute_black_granite_sample 3.jpg
absolute_black_granite_sample 1.jpg

Black granite countertops are gaining in popularity and making a big comeback into new projects. Glossy, honed  or leathered with more or less veining and splashes of different shades, black granite countertops make stunning appearance. Black granite is as durable as any other granite, dark granite countertops will always make a powerful statement. 


The black granite color can vary from almost absolute and completely black with little striations  to a more waveyring black color. The variations are the result of secondary colors in the dark granite and usually are gray, green, blue, white, etc. There is also a more textured appearance of black granite that provides this natural stone with a captivating interest and depth.


Black Granite Countertops are Perfect for Modern Kitchens. Black granite countertops are well suited to both a modern and minimalistic kitchen as well as a traditional, cozy sleek kitchens. 


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Level 1 white granite is the lowest priced grade of granite. For many customers it still looks great. The reason it is considered level 1 is because it often has a very simple design. The available colors are confined to a standard set. White Granite is one of the most popular level 1 colors creating several attractive offerings in this price range. Many homeowners prefer this simpler look rather than higher grade busier exotic patterns of granite.

Level 1 White Granite's are often the strongest structural granite choice over other levels. Many are even more stain resistant compared to exotic choices. Knoxville Wholesale Granite can review the tradeoffs with you during your search. 

Black Pearl Granite Polished
Absolute Black Granite Polished
Python Black Granite Polished
Black Forest Granite Polished


With a honed finish, the polishing process ends before buffing to create a matte or low-gloss sheen.

The black granite countertop will not be highly reflective or mirror like. This softer honed finish is popular with homeowners wanting an aged more casual look.

Honed black granite will often cost more than polished granite. That is because the finish is less common, making it less readily available

black mist honed granite
absolute black granite honed


Black Granite with a Leathered finish is a matte, textured surface. Leathered black granite is more stain-resistant than honed granite and disguises smudges and water spots better than polished granite.

A leathered finish will also accentuate your stone's natural color better than a honed finish.

Leathered granite is a less common finish and may require special ordering and other particulars that increase costs, even though the fabricating process is usually less involved than a polished stone procedure.

black fantasy granite leathered sample
raven black granite leathered sample



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